Ex-Test player Goszko suffers stroke

Just the day before a 13 year-old girl was raped in the Bronx’s Crotona Park as she was heading home from school. Police are also looking for the suspect in the Bronx case, who was captured on video before the assault.

Friday’s game was postponed about eight hours before first pitch and Saturday’s game was postponed about four hours before first pitch, extending the series into a makeup game on Monday afternoon after two Sunday.

The place does look a lot better.

Well, from what I can see, as we fight through a heaving scrum of ironic ‘taches and asymmetric haircuts. But a mirror, proclaiming the day’s specials, has a ‘Stew/Mince’ section. Which makes me happy. Especially as it’s ‘mince on toast’, in what seems to be a nod to the great Quality Chop Hous

Standing by her man, she continued: ‘But I said don’t worry, I love him with an eye, without an eye, whether or not he gets his sight back. So there’s been a lot going on emotionally as well, but we make sure to support one another.’

“He was able to make some pitches,” New York catcher Jose Trevino said after the game in Kansas City.

“That’s what he does. He’s an ace for a reason. He comes out and makes pitches when he needs to and he did that tonight.”

Houston Police Chief Troy Finner has placed the blame on Scott for not canceling the performance after his officers were caught on video milling about next to the stage and recording the rapper on their cellphones after a ‘mass casualty event’ was declared. 

Helen Skelton ‘hired a private detective after she became… ‘Getting a diagnosis has really opened up my life’:… Fleabag’s Jamie Demetriou tipped as a BAFTA TV favourite to… Now it’s Wagatha Christie, the TV rematch: As court showdown…

Olly’s best wines for under £15  I was recently blown away at a tasting – wines between £8 and £15 notably outgunned almost every other price-point bang for buck, including a couple of bottles costing four and pharmasitedirect.com five times more. I love to be reminded that stellar value is thriving, but it strikes me above all that Portugal’s characterful superstars are remarkably memorable for under £15. With more than 250 local grapes to explore and every climate from the coast to the mountains, Portugal is a world of wine to celebrate – and for a tenner, my wine of the week is more than good valu

Like a great British picnic, without the pitter-patter of rain on car roof and the drone of the A303. A butter lettuce salad is billowy in all the right ways, slicked with a sharp dressing, while trout, usually so overcooked, comes pink as a curate’s blus

Texas started with nine losses in 11 games but is on a four-game winning streak after completing a two-game sweep in Philadelphia when Brad Miller hit a two-run single in the 10th inning on Wednesday for a 2-1 Texas win.

Personal injury attorney Alex Hilliard said during a press conference that the organizers of the event did not have a plan in place, and the moment the gates at NRG Park opened at 9am on November 5, ‘things were out of control.’ 

Audio recordings of police communications from the night of the Astroworld Festival disaster reveal that officers on the scene called for the concert to stop because people were being trampled in the crowd, but Travis Scott carried on with his performance.

Both teams will be playing their first game since Wednesday, and most players probably never made it to Yankee Stadium due to the heavy rains that have pounded the New York area the past two days, resulting in two early postponements.

Another lawyer representing a further 150 alleged victims released fire department logs on Friday, which showed that a lieutenant requested riot gear nearly an hour before the festival got under way.   

‘We hope that he’s going to get the sight back in his eye, but I did reassure him that if he went blind or if he was going to lose his eye, that I’m still going to be with him because you don’t think about all those things.’

Gemma wrote over the snap: ”It’s been one hell of a week, good to have Rami home today. It’s been a very upsetting time for us. Scary, worrying, no sleep, please god he will be ok [sic]. thank you Queens Hospital @NHSEngland.’ 

Good luck, I thought. You’d have more chance of opening a ‘Spoons in Clarence House than making this particular Pelican fly. But then friends began to sing its praises. And we were passing one night and thought, go on, what the hel

The string of attacks come as New York continues to experience a surge in crime. So far this year, the city has seen 1,216 rapes, about 2.5 per cent more than had been recorded at the same point of 2020.

Shaw was charged with attempted rape, strangulation and sexual abuse for the brazen attack and is currently being held without bail while he undergoes psychiatric testing to determine if he is mentally fit to stand trial, the Daily News reported.  

And what mince it is, richer than a Ladbroke Grove trustie – more sumptuous ragù than those greasy, gristly pellets we once forced down at school – slopped on a slab of sourdough beneath a flurry of Parmesan chees

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